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Bitcoin is one of the great paradigm shifts of the twenty-first century. Sound, stable money creates an opportunity for growth and innovation that is unparralleled. 

Join me on this journey.

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It’s a Dilemma – Security, Speed and Decentralization

Any blockchain project has three primary issues to balance – security, speed and decentralization. No project can provide perfectly all three components at the “layer one” blockchain. The compromises made are what determine the characteristics of the blockchain.

Understanding the challenges and tradeoffs will allow you to make better long term choices in your crypto assets.

I can be reached by email at and on twitter at @McIntoshFinTech. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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Goodbye Paypal!

I have had a donation button up for Paypal since I began the Generational Wealth w/Crypto Podcast website. On the last episode of GWwC I noted a news item about Paypal updating their user agreement. This goes into effect on November the 3rd and I will make sure my...

So Good it’s now Twice a Week!

We have begun posting the podcast twice a week. The release dates are suppose to be on Monday and Thursday Mornings although let's be honest it doesn't always happen! It will get more regular from here. Promise..