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Bitcoin is one of the great paradigm shifts of the twenty-first century. Sound, stable money creates an opportunity for growth and innovation that is unparalleled. The ability to provide a fair currency for global trade and provide a safe savings instrument for the unbanked will be world-changing.

Join me on this journey.

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Goodbye Paypal!

I have had a donation button up for Paypal since I began the Generational Wealth w/Crypto Podcast website. On the last episode of GWwC I noted a news item about Paypal updating their user agreement. This goes into effect on November the 3rd and I will make sure my...

So Good it’s now Twice a Week!

We have begun posting the podcast twice a week. The release dates are suppose to be on Monday and Thursday Mornings although let's be honest it doesn't always happen! It will get more regular from here. Promise..